RCP offers low altitude aerial photography…A definite improvement over old fashioned aerial photography!

Why? Typical aerial photography uses an airplane with the pilot acting as the photographer. The first qualification is to be a pilot, lower priority is to be a photographer.

Typical aerial photography is shot from a high altitude. The FAA rules call for airplanes to be above 800 feet. This results in pictures that are taken from an angle that is nearly straight down. That perspective is great for inspecting your roofs, but usually results in poor photographic composition. The key is to shoot aerial photography at a low altitudeRCP owns and operates a professional drone, equipped with a high resolution camera.  It is fast and simple to operate, the resulting photography is stunning.

Unlike the typical aerial photography company, RCP has low cost in operating a drone and pricing to our clients reflects that.  Affordability, combined with fast service and professional photography skills, is an unbeatable package.  There is no longer a need to wait six months to see your pictures!  
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Old fashioned aerial photography from an airplane is expensive! RCP photography is done by professional photographers, not pilots!


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Consider RCP low altitude aerial photography AND VIDEO for any of these applications: 

Residential and Commercial Sales Agents
Private Property Photography Commissions
Land Developers
Construction CompaniesDSC00081
Advertising Agencies
Media Companies
News Agencies
Archaeological Site Surveys
Boundary Disputes
Roof Construction / Repairs / Surveys
Postcards / Calendars / Posters
Theme Parks
Indoor & Outdoor Events
Historic Building
Field Study
Production CompaniesDSC00047
Marketing Companies
Hotel Chains
Nature & Wildlife
Water Authorities
Time Lapse
Stately Homes
Development Companies
Landscape Designers
Telecom Structural Engineers / Inspections / Surveys
Schools & Colleges
Social Events and Concerts
RV ParksDSC03136
Local Authorities
Traffic & Road Surveys
Structural Engineers
Corporate Events
New Construction
Crowd Control
Sports Grounds and Stadiums
Planning Departments
Tourist Attractions
Air Quality Management
Parks and Recreational